Why are Bulldogs so Expensive to Buy?

Good question. It costs quite a bit of money to breed Bulldogs to begin with. A breeder starts out by paying high prices for breeding stock to begin with. Then there is the cost of breeding itself. First there is the stud fee, then shipping costs for the semen, the […] Read more »

Tips for Taking Care of Your Bulldog

Bulldogs are low-maintenance canines. They typically only need a thorough brushing once every week to two weeks. Start this routine when your dog is a puppy and be certain to reward him with a doggy treat when the grooming is over. A typical bulldog shouldn’t need to be bathed more […] Read more »

French Bulldogs

The French bulldog was developed from the miniature version of the English bulldog. Unlike other small dogs, the French bulldog is pretty hardy and powerful for its size. Though compact, it is an active, muscular, and intelligent dog whose distinguishing characteristics are its bat-like ears and expressive eyes. The History […] Read more »

English Bulldog History

There is much controversy surrounding the history and development of the bulldog. Some cynologists and naturalists like Sydenham Edwards believed the bulldog is a product of the mixing of mastiffs and pugs. Others think bulldogs and mastiffs simply have a common ancestor. There is also a theory that the bulldog […] Read more »

English Bulldog Puppy

Dogs may not be children, but they require love and care just like human kids. Before heading out to look at bulldog puppies, you must first decide if owning one is right for you. Each breed of dog has certain dominant personality traits and tendencies. It is best to consider […] Read more »

Breeding Bulldogs

In your desire to breed bulldogs, there is so much one has to consider. But in a nutshell, here are a few areas to think of before breeding. First, you must consider whether you can devote your time and effort in rearing the puppies. That includes feeding them religiously every […] Read more »

Why is my bulldog limping

One of the most common injuries is from people letting their dog jump off of furniture and such. These injuries are also common when letting young dogs run or walk down stairs all of the time. A Bulldog is a front-heavy breed of dog, and thusly a sharp impact on […] Read more »

Bulldogs and plush chew toys

Rawhide is not good for Bulldogs because they tear off large chunks and get them lodged in their throat. They can also get them lodged in their intestines. Anything lodged like that means a very expensive and risky surgery. Hard chew toys will also tip the jaw one direction. This […] Read more »

What do You Use to Worm your Dogs, and How Often?

I use a horse worming paste called Zimectrin. This method was taught to us by other Bulldog breeders, and has been very effective. Be careful to notice the tube is marked in pound increments for horses. Simply estimate or weigh your dog (weighing is best) and squeeze it out onto […] Read more »