Why is my bulldog limping

One of the most common injuries is from people letting their dog jump off of furniture and such. These injuries are also common when letting young dogs run or walk down stairs all of the time. A Bulldog is a front-heavy breed of dog, and thusly a sharp impact on the front quarters can severely injure them. When this happens with a young dog it damages or even fractures the growth plates in the joints. They can also break bones. A Bulldog is a tough breed, and tolerates a lot of pain. Your dog can be injured and you not know about it because the dog will just keep trucking along and ignore the pain. You have to pay close attention to your Bulldog in order to know if he or she is not feeling 100%.

To prevent these types of injuries I do not allow my dogs to jump from anything. I lift them off. I also do not allow young pups to go running down any stairs. This is a repeated impact on young joints, and not healthy. Once a Bulldog is mature and the growth plates in the legs are closed I do allow them to walk down stairs, but never run. You see a lot of people at shows allowing their Bulldogs to jump off of the show ramp. I either turn my dogs and let them walk back down the ramp, or I lift them and set them on the ground.