English Bulldog Puppy


Dogs may not be children, but they require love and care just like human kids. Before heading out to look at bulldog puppies, you must first decide if owning one is right for you.

Each breed of dog has certain dominant personality traits and tendencies. It is best to consider your own personality and lifestyle and decide what type of dog would best fit.

A puppy is a lifetime commitment, and it is not fair to the dog if, because you didn’t think things through, incompatibility issues require you to return the dog to the breeder or take it to a shelter.

In fact, the steps to buying a English bulldog puppy are:

  1. Take time to research bulldog personalities and care requirements.
  2. If you have decided this is the type of dog you want, then you will need to select a reputable breeder.
  3. Selecting the right puppy.

It is critical to complete these steps in that order. Why? Many times dogs are impulse buys. The opportunities arise to purchase dogs (or get them for free) and without considering all that is involved in caring for bulldogs, people take them home. It is only later that they realize how much of a commitment the dogs require. The dogs are given away, put in shelters, or simply abandoned to the streets. This is not fair to the dog who was expecting to be a part of a loving family. It is also not fair to the other members of the family who were expecting to have a pet to love.

Another problem that crops up is failure to take time to find a reputable breeder. Not all breeders are the same. Good breeders care about the animals they are producing, while others only care about the money they can make. There is a huge difference in the quality of animal you will get based on the motivations of the breeder.

If you want a high-quality bulldog with relatively few health problems, take time to find a reputable breeder in your area. Do not buy bulldogs from pet stores or over the internet. Most of the time, these dogs come from puppy mills and you will have nothing but problems.

After you have found a good breeder, research what to look for in a bulldog puppy. There are certain traits and characteristics you want to have in your bulldog such a good temperament and physical condition. Knowing how to pick the best dog from a litter will result in gaining a companion you’ll be happy with during your time together.