English Bulldog Care

Bulldogs are loving and lovable dogs, but they are not for every person. They require a lot of special care and attention and really are not good dogs for first-time dog owners. However, if you have owned a dog before and are thinking about getting a bulldog, here is some information about bulldogs you should consider before taking the plunge.

First and foremost, bulldogs are not lazy but they are not the kind of dogs you take with you to go jogging, cycling, or even for long walks. They don’t mind exercising, and even enjoy it most times, but they cannot tolerate long bouts of activity. Short walks are best; otherwise you may find yourself having to carry your dog home.

Bulldogs are indoor dogs. Again, they don’t mind being outside but should not be left outdoors for long periods of time, especially if it is very hot or cold. They cannot tolerate extreme temperatures because it can cause breathing problems. Make sure your home stays at a temperature that is comfortable for you and your bulldog; not too warm or too cool. The humidity should also be at a good level.

These dogs tend to be low maintenance, needing a good brushing once per week or two weeks. Their eyes and wrinkles, though, should be cleaned, or at least inspected, daily. Your dog only needs a bath (with water and soap) about once or twice per year. Be certain to use a special moisturizing soap that does not strip away the natural oils found in the dog’s coat. This oils protects their skin.

To maintain your bulldog’s shiny coat, even temperament and good health, it is important to feed him a healthy diet consisting of allergen-free foods like poultry, lamb, or fish. These should be mixed with pasta or rice and vegetables that are easy to digest. A high-quality dry dog food designed for bulldogs will do as well. Your vet can recommend a good brand.

Bulldogs are not whiny animals. In fact, they have a high tolerance for pain. Therefore, they need owners who can pay particular attention to them. You must check on your bulldog often to make sure he is doing well and take him to be checked by the vet on a regular basis. This will ensure your dog lives a long, healthy and happy life.