Bulldogs and plush chew toys

Rawhide is not good for Bulldogs because they tear off large chunks and get them lodged in their throat. They can also get them lodged in their intestines. Anything lodged like that means a very expensive and risky surgery. Hard chew toys will also tip the jaw one direction. This can cause difficulties for your dog’s diet because of constantly dropping their food when they try to eat. Tipped jaws are not just a cosmetic issue for a show dog.

Rope toys….not a good idea. We have gone through this. Surgery. If you insist on giving a dog a rope toy anyways, always, always, always cut the knot off of the end of the rope.

Tennis balls are ok as long as the dog does not tear it in half and swallow it. If the dog does tear it, replace it.

Pigs ears, plastic toys, soft and thin rubber toys, bones, sticks, old shoes, socks are all bad ideas.

Unfortunately plush toys have their drawbacks too. Bulldogs destroy them fairly quickly. Bulldogs have powerful jaws and like to rip toys apart. They are just that way. If they tear it apart, and stuffing is flying everywhere, simply replace it. If you give your dog one of your children’s old stuffed toys be sure to remove eyes, noses, buttons, and ribbons. You do not want a dog swallowing these either.