English Bulldog Health Problems And Bulldog Insurance Tips

A very popular breed of dog that many people love is the English bulldog. You either already have an English Bulldog, or considering getting one. It is very important to be aware of potential bulldog health issues, and better to be prepared by getting a bulldog insurance.

Let me first give you a little background on English Bulldogs, their history and characteristics. And then you will see more information on bulldog insurance below.

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It is a medium sized dog, also referred to as the British bulldog. They have a very characteristic face, flat in appearance, and are very stocky animals weighing about 50 pounds full grown.

It is a dog that is one of the few that actually has a short tail by virtue of the breed, one that can either be screwed or straight.

Although they are beautiful animals, and extremely loyal, English Bulldogs may have a wide variety of health issues that you may encounter. Some of these conditions can be very problematic, requiring the help of a veterinarian to resolve the issues.

This can become costly if it happens on an ongoing basis prompting the need for bulldog health insurance.

Here is an overview of this breed, the health issues that they may experience, and where you can get affordable bulldog health insurance for your favorite.

An Overview Of The English Bulldog

Animal experts have traced this breed back to the 1500s, a breed of animal that was used in a sport called bull baiting. It was a unique sport where people would bet money on the dog that was able to bite the nose of the bull, pinning it to the ground.

English Bulldog in 1800s

English Bulldog in 1800s

Today, they are most commonly house pets, and can also be show dogs.

Many of them are extremely expensive, especially with a good pedigree. These dogs mature very slowly, yet their lives are ‘unfortunately’ very short :-(

They will actually show signs of aging by their fifth year of life. Although there was some speculation that the English bulldog was actually a breed of dog that was crossed with a pug, yet modern science has proven that despite a very similar appearance, they are not genetically related at all.

Although these animals are very popular, they can face many health issues that can compromise their already short life. Many of these health issues can be treated early, allowing them to survive for many additional years, yet there are some conditions that are very difficult to resolve.


Health Issues That English Bulldogs Typically Face

English Bulldog Health Problems

English Bulldog Health Problems

Recent studies have shown that the average life of a bulldog is eight to ten years.

The primary reason that Bulldogs will die is cardiac related disease.

This is followed by the development of cancer, and old-age is the next most common reason for that.

For those that were able to survive, or at least to bypass, cardiac disease and cancer were able to live up to 11 years of age.

Another problem that Bulldogs will have is hip dysplasia. It is actually most common in Bulldogs above all other breeds.

They may also develop interdigital cysts which will form between their toes and can also develop protrusions on the backside of their eyelids. Females have a problem unique to their gender which is the fact that 80% of Bulldogs are delivered as a result of a cesarean section. This has to do with the size of the head of the dog which may actually be the result of breeding in the last several decades, a very positive trait with show dogs.

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Different Ways To Increase The Lifespan Of An English Bulldog

Although these problems can occur, there are ways to prolong the life of any bulldog, especially in regard to cardiac disease.

One of the reasons that they are so susceptible to this is that these dogs prefer lying around, and this is true of dogs that are primarily house pets. The owner must learn to walk their bulldog as often as possible, allowing them to burn off any excess body fat.

It also allows the heart to exercise, and in doing so they can increase the life expectancy of their bulldog by simply going for a walk on a regular basis. If a person does walk their dog every day, it should not be for very long, especially in areas of the world which are hot horse unit.

Bulldogs have very small nasal passages, and because of this they will have a significant problem cooling themselves or getting enough oxygen in order to breathe.

Tips On How To Walk Your English Bulldog

If you are in a warmer climate, it is recommended that you walk your dog for just a few minutes before resting under the shade of a tree. You must also bring water along so your bulldog can cool down and then start again to complete their walk.

Give multiple breaks while you walking your English Bulldog

Give multiple breaks while you walking your English Bulldog

If an English bulldog does become overheated, they can die from hyperthermia later on. It is recommended that walks last no longer than 12 minutes, a duration that will likely avoid any possible overheating or respiratory problems. For more tips about bulldog walking, take a look to this article: How far can I walk my bulldog?


Although it is possible to extend their life through proper exercise, when a bulldog has it dysplasia, tumors, or any form of cancer in their body, this must be treated by a veterinarian area this can be extremely expensive, costing thousands of dollars for each procedure that must be done.

That’s why finding affordable English bulldog insurance is so important.

How To Find Affordable English Bulldog Insurance

Many people do not realize that you can actually get health insurance for your favorite canine. Pet insurance is something that has become extremely popular – especially lately.

You will want to get this insurance from a well-known company, preferably one that offers nationwide coverage.

English Bulldog Insurance

English Bulldog Insurance

There are few features that these policies must have.

  • First of all, they need to be flexible. This means that you can take your bulldog to any veterinarian in the world and they will pay for a portion, or for the entire procedure. Some of these procedures can be extremely expensive.
  • Some of the most common conditions that must be treated include pulmonic stenosis, colitis, gastric dilatation volvulus, entropion, elbow dysplasia, fold dermatitis and aortic stenosis. Better to check the insurance details to see if it covers these conditions.
  • Bulldogs are also susceptible to ear infections, and may also need procedures to help prevent them from going deaf. This is another area that you may want to check before buying the insurance.

Why English Bulldogs Are So Susceptible To These Conditions

It is because English Bulldogs are a pure breed that they are going to be more susceptible to the many different genetic health issues that can occur.

The coverage that you get should cover both illnesses and accidents, plus should be flexible enough to allow you to create your own policy.

This allows people to have this insurance even if they are on a budget, targeting the most common problems that a bulldog may face.

On average, most people pay about $50 a month, although it can be more or less depending upon how comprehensive the coverage actually is.

By simply searching online for bulldog pet insurance, you will find multiple businesses that offer this insurance that you can sign up for right away.


Why You Should Get English Bulldog Insurance Today

This basic overview of English Bulldogs and the many different conditions they may develop should motivate you to consider getting bulldog health insurance.

A procedure to resolve issues such as pulmonic stenosis or gastric dilatation volvulus can cost as much as $7500. However, if you have pet health insurance that covers your bulldog, you would only pay a fraction of that cost.

Now that you know that the bulldog breed is actually more susceptible to health issues than most other dog breeds out there, it is certainly in your best interest to at least get quotes from the many different companies that offer this type of insurance.

Even if you do not use it very much the first couple of years while your English bulldog is young, it’s still going to give you peace of mind.

You never know when problems such as hip dysplasia, colitis, or even deafness can occur and you will need to take them to your veterinarian.

Just make sure that the company you are getting the insurance through is reputable and well recognized.

Get your quotes today to find out how much English bulldog health insurance is in your area so that you can be ready for any health issues that may arise.