How Far Can I Walk my Bulldog?


Remember, these are bracheoscepholic dogs that are susceptible to overheating. These are not sporting, working dogs, or hounds. If you want a jogging buddy, or trail hiking buddy, you need to look for a different breed of dog.

Bulldogs do need exercise, but be smart about it. A 2 to 3 residential block distance is plenty for your Bulldog. Be mindful of the heat, and do not walk any dog on hot asphalt or cement. You can easily burn the pads of your dogs feet and injure them. Dogs are not horses with hooves. If a walking surface is too hot for you to comfortably walk barefoot on it, it is too hot for your dog’s feet. The same goes for cold. Be careful not to freeze them. I have seen many dogs with frostbitten feet.

Also be mindful of stickers, sharp rocks, and broken glass. Living in the Pacific Northwest we should all know about the many thorns from berry bushes as well, so be mindful of eyes and body too. A dog’s feet are tougher than a humans, but they are not bulletproof.

Keep in mind also, most issues of a stretched palette are caused by care of the animal, and not genetics, although at times it is. When a Bulldog is overheated it breathes harder, and this stretches the tissue of the soft palette, and can inflame the trachea, causing it to swell enough to greatly reduce the size of the airway. A lot of phlegm is also created, and can cause a Bulldog to choke to death. Using lemon juice you can quickly cut the phlegm in a dogs throat so it can breath again. This can be 100% lemon juice, or you can cut it with water. When using the lemon juice, just be sure not to drown the dog with it.