Crate Training Your Bulldog

There are many very good reasons you should crate train your bulldog, and no reason not to that I can think of. Dogs need their own place where they can go and rest and be left alone. A crate that is just their “space” is perfect for this. An uncrated […] Read more »

How often should I wash my bulldog

If your dog is filthy, or stinky, please wash it. I get asked this a lot. If the dog is not so dirty you don’t mind it sitting on the couch or your bed, every couple of weeks is a good interval. Some dogs are like little pigs and get […] Read more »

Why do I need a “Bulldog veterinarian?”

This is a HUGE issue, so pay attention here folks. To put it simply,…not all veterinarians are created equally! To explain further,….a regular vet is fine for things like vaccinations and worming, but do not trust the local vet to do surgeries, respiratory treatments, ect.. A vet experienced with bracheoscepholic […] Read more »