Mini Bulldog (Miniature Bulldog)

The “mini bulldog” (or miniature bulldog) can have two different meanings:

  1. Some breeders use it to define a hybrid mix of purebred Bulldog and purebred Pug.
  2. Others use it to define purebred Bulldogs carefully selected to decrease the size of these dogs.

The “Toy Bulldog” name was used to define a breed of dog in England, now extinct. This breed was obtained by crossing English Bulldogs with French Bulldogs, the average size of these dogs being less than 20 lbs.

Some people still use Toy Bulldog when referring to today’s Miniature Bulldog which is actually the result of crossing the English Bulldog with the Pug.

This hybrid mix of English Bulldog and Pug is known as Miniature Bulldog.

Mini Bulldog Breed Origin

Hybrid dog breeds have been around for many years now, so it is possible that the Miniature Bulldog is quite an old breed. Nonetheless, its origins are unknown, no breeder being credited with developing it.


The Miniature Bulldog is half Bulldog and half Pug. It is a mix between these two pure breeds, the English Bulldog and the Pug. Depending on the preferences of each breeder, some Miniature Bulldogs may be more or less than half of each breed.

Recommended Diet

Being a small breed, the Miniature Bulldog should eat commercial dog food based on a small breed formula. This formula ensures your dog can get all the energy needed for their daily activities. As they are prone to obesity, their diet should be closely watched by their owners.


The earlier you start training your Miniature Bulldog, the better.

None of the two pure breeds are either aggressive or strong-willed. This should make the training of the Miniature Bulldog fairly easy and straightforward.

It’s also true that the sooner you start training your puppy, the easier it’s going to be to overcome and correct problem behaviors.

Positive reinforcement training seems to work best. If you use it consistently, your Miniature Bulldog is going to learn very quickly, as it is quite smart.


At adult age, Miniature Bulldogs may weigh between 20 and 45 pounds. The size is directly determined by the breeding.

Behavior And Temperament

The fun-loving nature of this breed makes it very attractive to adults and children alike.

Mini Bulldogs are very friendly with people and other pets. They aren’t very active, but they do enjoy playing with their family.

Nonetheless, they are also big fans of taking naps right in the middle of the day.

Like all crosses between two breeds, the Miniature Bulldog features a mix of characteristics from either breed. Depending on the breeding, they may show more of the English Bulldog characteristics or more of the ones of the Pug.

For instance, their Pug inheritance makes these dogs extremely friendly and loving. Bulldogs are known for their love for children and for other pets in the family.

Moreover, if they benefit from early socialization and training, these dogs won’t display problem behaviors.

Most Known Health Issues for Mini Bulldogs

Like all other hybrid breeds, the Miniature Bulldog may develop congenital problems from either breed.

Heart problems and cancers are quite frequent among Miniature Bulldogs, as well as eye and breathing problems.

Being a short-faced breed, the Mini Bulldog is prone to developing breathing problems and exercise intolerance. These problems are more frequent in hot weather climates.

Obesity is another problem that needs to be closely watched for by the owners, as both parent breeds are prone to becoming overweight.

Average Lifespan

The average lifespan ranges between 9 and 13 years, but there are some that live much longer.

Exercise Needs of a Mini Bulldog

The Miniature Bulldog isn’t an active breed. However, it needs a daily walk, as a good measure to prevent obesity and to work out the muscles.

In addition, these dogs may also welcome a few sessions of active play with their family. Nonetheless, they aren’t going to exhaust you with their need for activity, so they are best for families that are moderately active.

The Miniature Bulldog is such a fun-loving breed, that most children love to be around it and to play with it. They can make a nice addition to any family in search for some unconditional love and trust.

American Kennel Club (AKC)

Unfortunately the AKC doesn’t accept hybrid breeds, so they don’t accept the Miniature Bulldog, either.

Nonetheless, there are several associations that accept it such as the American Canine Hybrid Club, The Designer Breed Registry and the Designer Dogs Kennel Club. They all list it under the name of Miniature Bulldog.

Coat Characteristics for a Mini Bulldog

Their short and close coat comes in a wide range of colors.

Their appearance and their physical characteristics depend very much on the breeding. The Pug has a smooth and glossy coat, while the Bulldog has a rather short and sleek one.

Colors may range from fawn, silver and white to read or even black, as these are the coat colors of their parent breeds.


Miniature Bulldog puppies are small. The breed doesn’t grow to exceed 15 or 16 inches in height, their weight being usually below 45 lbs.

The average litter counts four puppies.

Most Miniature Bulldog puppies are playful and fun. It is recommended they start being socialized and trained as early as possible.

Most probably, they would turn into lovely adult dogs, perfect companions for adults, children and other pets.

They are the perfect choice for families who enjoy spending quality time playing together with their pets.