How important are dog beds for English Bulldogs?

While most of us don’t often think of our own personal bed as a cherished possession, it is probably one of the last pieces of furniture we would ever want to live without.

A good bed provides insulation, support for our backs and joints, warmth, and a feeling of security. When a dog has a bed of his own, he gets all of these benefits, and more.

When pet owners ask what items they need to purchase for their pet, a good dog bed is always at the top of the list – along with a collar, leash, and food and water dishes. Dog beds are so important that they aren’t considered optional; but are, instead, a necessary piece of equipment for all dogs regardless of size, breed, or age.

Some of the benefits a dog bed offers your dog include:

    • Insulating your dog from the floor in both the winter and summer. In the wintertime, many small dogs love to curl up in a nesting-type bed like a Slumber Ball dog bed, which provides the warmth needed for both comfort and good health.
    • Providing your dog with his own private space and a sense of security.
    • Cushioning joints and bones – especially for older, arthritic, or overweight dogs. Orthopedic Dog Beds are designed specifically for dogs that need extra joint support and comfort.
    • Controlling the spread of hair and dander by concentrating it in one, easy-to-clean location. Many dog owners choose a bed offering two covers, so they always have a fresh cover when the other cover is being cleaned. Additional/Replacement Covers are also available for many Drs. Foster & Smith beds.
    • Helping to prevent injuries by keeping your dog from jumping up and down from the furniture.
    • Protecting your outside dog. Outside dogs need a bed as much or more than inside dogs.

If you spend the time to research and purchase a bed that best suits your dog’s individual needs, you will soon find that it is your dog’s very favorite place to spend time.

Remember that low quality beds quickly break down and don’t offer any long-term benefit, so shop around and buy only the highest quality bed for your dog so he can enjoy the lifetime of benefits a bed will offer him.

Here are some beautiful dog beds for your English Bulldog (or other types):